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Update for All Parents and Whaanau/Families of MBS – 31/01/2023

Kia Ora, Talofa lava, Fakaalofa lahi Atu, Kia Orana and warm pacific greetings to all of our Parents and Whaanau/Families,
We continue to acknowledge all of our whaanau and families who have been affected by the extreme weather conditions at this time especially at the beginning of the start of the school year. 
We would like to provide the following update on behalf of our staff and Board of Trustees.  We will continue to keep you all informed if there are further changes according to the Ministry of Education or National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA). 
*MBS School will be closed till Tuesday 7th February any further information or changes we will keep you updated
*There will be no online learning provided this week as the priority are taking care of your whaanau
*Teachers will be making contact this week to check in with whaanau of students in their classroom to gather any information of what support is needed. However, we understand that parents/caregivers may or maynot be able to respond. If your contact details have changed can you please inform the school. 
*Shared LInks to access help and support will be sent to all whaanau/families (see below)
*Damage in the resource room next to the auditorium requires the carpet to be ripped out and resources removed. Due to health and safety we have a team (includes some parents) that will be helping as well as teachers to remove the carpet and resources. Thank you to everyone who offered to help and appreciate the support. At this stage we do not have any other major damage. 
We would like to thank everyone for your aroha and support for our staff and whaanau who have also been affected by the severe weather conditions. 
We ask that you continue to stay safe at this time and refer to information provided if you and your whaanau do require support. 
Ngaa mihi nui
Facebook links to support Whaanau/families in Mangere and wider Auckland locations
The best websites for regular updates are…… 
Helplines: Call 111 for emergencies if they need financial assistance call 0800 400 100 

If you need help