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Mufti Day 24th March – Purple day fundraiser


ePlatform Notice for Parents

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“KOTAHITANGA ”  Together we can make a difference

  • We are open every day at lunchtime – 1.10pm – 1.50pm
    This space is for everyone to enjoy.
    In this space you can talk and enjoy reading together. We have cool games that you can play with your friends and some days there will be activities for you to do.
    SENIOR ONLY SPACE for Silent Reading.
    Some people need a quiet space to concentrate when they read and this is the area for this. Please be respectful in this area and if you need to talk please go upstairs to do your talking.
  • Borrowing Rules
    SENIOR – Y5-Y6: 1 book to take home / 1 book to read at school
    MIDDLE – Y3-Y4: 1 book to take home or read at school
    JUNIOR – Y0-Y2: 1 book to stay at school
  • Who Takes Care of Our Library?
    One way you can help in our Library is to ensure our books have been returned to the correct shelves after use so we can all enjoy using the books and know where to find what we are looking for.
    We all take responsibility to make sure that we clean up before we leave so that the next class have a tidy area to enjoy.

MBS Library Plan