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Samoan Language Week – 27th to 31st May 2024

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Term Two – Week 5 – Issue 3 

Student Inquiry Theme 2023

 ‘Te whakatipu tahi I to tatou heke mai’ – ‘Growing our future together’ 

Our Community, our gardens, our knowledge, our hauora, our future

Term Two: ‘Growing’

Curriculum Focus Area: Science

Vaiaso o le Gagana Sāmoa

Samoa Language Week

Sunday 28 May to Saturday 3 June 2023

The theme for Vaiaso o le Gagana Samoa – Samoa Language Week 2023 is ‘Mitamita i lau gagana, maua’a lou fa’asinomaga’ which means ‘Be proud of your language and grounded in your identity’. This year’s theme focuses on the importance of the Samoan language and identity.

Samoa Language Week Assembly

will be held on Thursday 1st June 1.30 pm


Why do we celebrate Samoa Language Week at Maangere Bridge School?

There are 15.4% (51 out of 332 ) students who identify first ethnicity as Samoan at MBS.

There are  38.6%(128 out of 332 students) who identify themselves as Pacific Island at MBS

The Samoan Language is the third most spoken language in Aotearoa New Zealand.

To rasie awareness of the Samoan language as a language spoken by a significant amount of people in Aotearoa New Zealand

To involve and encourage our Samoan Parents, children and staff to take part in our learning programmes. 

To promote initiatives to maintain and grow the recognition, learning and use of the Samoan language in the home, in education, work, government, media, sports, arts and the community. 

(The ethnicity data collected above is gathered through Etap an SMS system when whaanau and families enrol their child at MBS)

Tumuaki – Principal


Over the last 5 weeks our tamariki have been growing their knowledge through the Curriculum Area of ‘Science’. They have been learning some new and amazing things through their student learning inquiry. This week we had the ‘Science in a Van’ team deliever two shows. The Years 0 – 4 had ‘The Wonderful World of Bubbles’ focussing on the Material World. The Years 5 – 6 students had ‘Move It!’ exploring the laws of motion. Both shows gave our tamariki the experience to explore, investigate, learn about what Newton’s three laws of motion are all about and apply their knowledge. It was a great opportunity for our students to know that Science can be FUN! Speaking of fun, we have had other exciting things happening in the school such as ‘Junky Monkey’ where children learn to be creative through play using junk or equipment. We also celebrated Road Safety Week, Pink Shirt Day, NZ Bully-Free Week, Rotuman Language Week and NZ Sign Language week. The PTA also organised a ‘Movie-Night’ held in the auditorium which was a great fundraiser for our tamariki and whaanau to attend. We are very proud of our students who were involved and took part in the Girls and Boys Rugby League zones and they did well overall.  We look forward to some more exciting events such as Samoan Language Week where our students will be showcasing traditional samoan siva through music and dance as well as  International Languages Week where we celebrate the diversity of cultures, languages in our school where we are proud of our identity and where we come from. 
Ngaa mihi nui, Fa’afetai tele lava, Fakaue, Thank you. 

Thank you to everyone who helped support and fundraise for Pink Shirt Day. 


Welcome to Maangere Bridge School

New Students starting Term 2  Week 6 

Welcome to all of our new students who will be starting in Week 6. 
Tristan and Terhaji Folau, Raina Niva, Samuel Hill and Sawyer Cottle


Junky Monkey

Junky Monkeys provides our tamariki with a range of loose parts, repurposing junk (a.k.a. Loose parts) into resources for creative play and promoting a cultural shift towards reduce, reuse, recycle and a circular economy.


Teena koutou katoa ngaa whaanau o Te Hiaroa. Halfway through the term already. Here is what we have been up to in our classes. 


Maunga Pikitia

Our inquiry focus is about growing our Pūtaiao minds with a kaupapa māori lense. Kāore te kumara e kōrero mō tōna ake reka. Maunga Pikitia are learning how kumara grow along with it’s stories and many health benefits. E ako ana matou e pa ana ki ngā tauira tāruarua me ngā tae o te āniwaniwa.


Te Ara Puueru

Te Ara Puueru have been exploring living things, such as plants and fruit, and how they grow!  We climbed Te Pane o Mataoho maunga to identify all the different plants and other living things that grow on the maunga, from Harakeke to Kawakawa and even the ants and worms 

Kei te ako mātou ki te taautu I ngaa mea e ora ana me te whakatipu kaaakano hei tipu huakai.


Te Paane o Mataoho

Te Pane o Mataoho launched our inquiry session with our teina trying to find ways to grow as scientists. We are also using science to solve everyday problems with the most pressing issue when you reach this age, it’s all about Kai. With our Maara now growing Kai. Our focus this term is to try and use the taiao or environment to help find cheaper options but also to use science to make the world better. He wero nui kei te haere. We have also started swimming every Monday until the end of the term.

Hei whakatepe. He mihi nui teenei ki te Whaanga-Puleanga whānau. Teena koroa Harper-Lee, koorua ko to teina Nova-Lee moo o korua kaha ki te ako i te reo Maaori me oona painga katoa. We wish you all the best whaanau on your new journey in Australia. Ngaa manakitanga ki runga ia koutou katoa. 


Thursday 15th June

5.30 pm – Kai 

6. 00 pm – Start


RUMA TAHI – Room 1

We really enjoyed Junky Monkey, being outside first thing in the morning playing with our friends and exploring all the loose materials without being told what to do. It was great to see all the creative things that others came up and having the opportunity to have a hands on experience that enabled us to problem solve, be creative thinkers and use our social and emotional skills.


RUMA RUA – Room 2

At MBS we have continued looking at our inquiry topic ‘Growing’. In term 2, the children have been learning about ‘The Living World’ as part of science. They have learnt about living and non-living things and sorting different classes of animals into groups. 


RUMA TORU – Room 3

We have had a fabulous start to the term in Room 3. Here are a few snippets of our wonderful learning experiences. Thank you Miss Borlase for gifting us with our gorgeous classroom slippers. They have kept our feet nice and warm. Aroha tino nui wahine toa. 


RUMA WHA – Room 4

Room 4 is always keen to make, create and question. We have been exploring different forms of art including drawing, painting and printmaking. We had a blast playing together at Junky Monkey too. This term we have a big focus on what it means to be a scientist and have explored ideas in the natural world, as well as the material world. We are super excited to continue our experiments across the rest of the term! 


RUMA RIMA – Room 5

For Student Inquiry learning we did an experiment by germinating seeds on damp cotton wools and wet paper towels. We made predictions about what might happen and observed the changes in the seeds.


TUUII  INQUIRY :  TUUI’s focus is on the Scientific method.  We started by making observations, asking questions, making predictions and are now delving deeper into our chosen topics.  We are about to start experiments to find out if our hypothesis are correct and to make conclusions from them.  Alongside this we are using our mathematical learning with Statistics, multiplication and division and measurement to help with our investigations.  We enjoyed putting our ideas to the test with the Junky Monkeys equipment, making, creating and having a blast!



We have been busy learning phonics and using our phonics knowledge to write new words every day. For our inquiry learning, we enjoy learning about science and scientists. This week, we are learning how to use ‘Google Classroom’ and managed to complete our assigned tasks online. We also loved learning online and playing fun math and literacy games.


RUMA IWA – Room 9

Room 9 was out identifying what they can see that is non living and living. We explored the gardens to take a closer look at what else they could find that is growing around them.


RUMA TEKAU – Room 10

Rm 10 ‘s Pink Shirt day

Rm 10’s Inquiry and Maths learning



Room 11

For Inquiry this term, Room 11 has been learning how to conduct scientific investigation to grow our science knowledge about life processes and the living things around us. We are keen to take part in our first science project to determine whether plants really need water to grow or whether they just need to be kept wet. 


Our Kereruu students have had a blast exploring our Inquiry focus of Growing and Science. We are experimenting in various areas of the physical world learning about things like forces, gravity, heat, light and much more. Last week we learnt more about Road Safety and showed our support for Anti-bullying week. We are also super excited about our new teacher in room 14, Whaea Nel, who joined our team on Wednesday! Please help us make her feel welcome.



Room 12

In room 12 we have been learning about refraction. Refraction happens when light changes direction or bends when it moves from one material to another. For example, light travelling through the air refracts when it hits the water. This can make a straw in a glass of water look bent to the naked eye. Last week we created paper t-shirts with anti-bullying messages on them. To further support the cause we wore pink on Pink Shirt day. 



Room 13

In room 13 we have been learning that warm air rises and proved this by creating tea bag ghosts and spinning foil spirals. We also learnt about all the different kinds of scientists there are and wrote about which kind of scientist we would like to be. The scientific process is a method scientists use when doing research. We followed it while learning about refracting light and completed a scientific investigation report on this. Furthermore we learnt about road safety and what we could do to support the anti-bullying drive. Students wrote thought provoking messages on pink hand cut outs and we wore our pink shirts in support of the cause



Room 14

Ruma tekau ma wha have had a great start to Term 2. In class, we have been learning about reading and writing instructions and have had fun making playdough, origami and Lego creations. We enjoyed celebrating Pink Shirt Day and we learnt about how to be an UPSTANDER. Whaea Karina has been honoured to be R14’s part-time teacher and wishes the students and Whaea Nel all the best for the rest of the year!  

Welcome to Whaea Nel who started in Room 14 this week!



Room 16

For our Science inquiry learning, Room 16 has been learning about ‘force and motion’We have learned that ‘force’ is basically a push or pull that happens when two objects are in contact.  Furthermore, when a body or object is moving, then it is in ‘motion’.  We designed our own parachutes to test this theory, by exploring how gravity and air resistance work together to slow down the motion of parachutes.  We have had so much fun learning about this, we are looking forward to doing more science experiments.

International Languages Week

In week 7 (6-9 June) we will be celebrating International Languages Week. International Languages week is an annual event held in New Zealand to promote language and culture from all around the world. If you are a parent/caregiver of an international language student, be sure to connect with your child’s teacher to help us give students a rich learning experience. This could be through art, food, dance, stories and language learning. We will end our celebration off with a whole school parade and would like to see every student and teacher dress up and waving flags in celebration of our international tamariki. 



Travel Wise

MBS were lucky to have Zara the Zebra and our Auckland Transport rep Marguerite come for a visit and help our Travelwise leaders promote road safety around our school. Our main goal is to make sure all tamariki and whanau understand and follow the rules to keep everyone safe. These include rules like parking in the white lines only, even for a quick drop off, crossing the road at the crossing with the help of our road patrollers and driving slowly when approaching the school. Be sure to look out for more Travelwise promotions!

Kaitiaki Eco Warriors

Whaea Hala continues to lead our Sustainability in the school. 
Ruma Rima Kaitiaki Eco Warriors planted flower seedlings to beautify our class environment. What a splendid transformation! 

League Zones

Girls and Boys

Super proud of our girls and boys league teams who played in the League Zones. The girls played hard and Whaea Jenny who went to support said they were beautiful to watch. The girls won their fist game, lost the second and drew the third. Although they didn’t make it to the finals they should be very pleased with themselves.

The boys captain for the day was Kade. Whaea Maxx shared that he was a great leader who stepped up showing all our school values. All the boys were well behaved and it was great to see all the supporters that came to cheer the boys on. The Overall results were Pool B who Won 2 games against Favona and Mangere East School. A draw to Koru School and a loss to Ngaa Iwi School. The boys came overall 3rd Place. On behalf of Koka Ellina  our Sports Co-ordinator we would like to say thank you to Paul our Kaiawhina/Teacher Aide, Vice Levy one of our Parents who supplied  boots for some of our players that day and also to Whaea Maxx and Whaea Jenny who supported our teams over the two days. Ka mau te wehi!

Talanoa – Goal Setting

Tuesday 20th June – School finishes at 1 pm

Thursday 22nd June – School finishes at 3 pm

Please click on the link below to make a booking for your child. 

Friendly Reminder

School doors open at 8.30 am

We kindly remind parents that the school doors will be open for student arrival at 8:30am. We have observed that a number of students are arriving prior to this time. To ensure the safety and well-being of all students, we kindly request that children not be sent to school before this time, as the doors will be locked and supervision will not be available. Thank you for your cooperation in adhering to this schedule and prioritising the safety of our students



Please continue to check the school calendar for any updates.

Poowhiri New students – Monday 29th June 9 am 
Opening of Samoan Language Week  
Year 6 Power Up @ Bader Interediate – Tuesday 30th May
Samoan Language Week – 29th May – 2nd June 
Wednesday 31st May – Early finish 12.30 pm 
Due to Primary Teacher Stop work Union Meeting held at 1 pm
(Students who cannot be picked up at 12.30 pm will be supervised)
Samoan Language Week Whole School Assembly  – Thursday 1st June 1.30 pm 
(Please be seated in the auditorium)
Board Meeting – Thursday 1st June 
Battle of the Bridges – Friday 2nd June 10 am – 1 pm (ROI)
Kings Birthday – Public Holiday – Monday 5th June (School Closed)
PTA Meeting Wednesday 7th June 7 pm 
Community Hui ‘Māori Whaanau’ for all Māori whaanau/families in the school
Consultation Draft Statement Health and RSE Document 
Thursday 8th June 6 pm (in the auditorium)
International Language Week – 5th – 9th June  
International  Language Week Parade on Friday 9th June 12 pm
(Please come dressed up in your traditional dress/costume)
Talanoa Goal Setting Evenings x 2 days
Tuesday 20th June (School finishes at 1 pm)
Thursday 22nd June (School finishes at 3 pm)
Please ensure to make a booking. 
Last Day of Term 2 – Friday 30th June


Next Boad Meeting 

Thursday 1st June 6.30 pm

On behalf of the MBS Board

There is a Community Consultation for all our Māori Whaanau/families at MBS

‘Draft Statement for delivery of the Health Curriculum’

Thursday 8th June 6 pm  

We will be providing kai/food for our whaanau and a space/classroom for our young tamariki/children supported by kaiako/teachers where needed. 


Next PTA meeting is held on Wednesday 7th June 7 pm. Please see Elinor Tomnic or the office for more information. 


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